Marine is dedicated to the collecting of nautical 'junk'/memorabilia/collectables
which is has become a passion of a number of people - even those not involved in seafaring.
The magnitude and technology of modern ships can be awe-inspiring, but with their modern superstructures and clinical bridges run by computers, they just don't have that warm appeal
unique to the old steam ships and early traders. The old-fashioned tools and instruments found
on these old marine vessels were manufactured with heavy brass and copper, and
often required muscle power to operate.

Sadly, the older generation of vessel have been withdrawn for modern society - either
stripped for scrap value or used as Navy targets, and sunk to form artificial reefs.

Fortunately for dedicated collectors of marine artefacts, any items of interest or value were removed from these archaic vessels before they were disposed of.
It is quite fascinating to see what emerges from junk shop sales, antique shops, car boot
sales etc. One can only imagine what bounty lies in attics and garages all around the world, just
waiting to be found and discarded by those who inherited it, branded as junk.

Our collection of valuables may not appeal to many people, but for those with a fondness for
'sea-junk' who are familiar with that feeling of excitement when they stumble across a 'gem',
 will enjoy browsing through this site.

We have been collecting for six years now, and have established a small 'museum area' set
aside in the house to display our collection. - Be sure to check out the "Geckobeach Museum"
tag for a taste of our memorabilia. Not all items are for sale, but if you find a gem of an item,
or anything you imagine would be a prized addition to your collection, please drop us an email and
we will be willing to negotiate on a price.- Marine

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